Firm Overview

Our Trust and Estate Litigation Practice offers clients a team of attorneys with a proven track record statewide of success in contested trusts, estates and conservatorships litigation matters in the probate courts as well as proven success in civil litigation matters related to real property, corporate and partnership disputes and civil elder abuse claims that often arise in the context of trust litigation matters.

Our firm is unique offering with the seasoned trial experience in financial and real property and accounting disputes in the civil, family and probate courts. For that reason, we are often the firm of choice to represent corporate fiduciaries (including large financial institutions), charitable beneficiaries, and individual fiduciaries and beneficiaries in the most significant disputes involving trusts, estates and conservatorships and the often-related corporation, partnership and real property disputes that accompany a complex trust and estate dispute.

We serve the unique needs of our clients using not only our extensive legal experience, but also by keeping up-to-date on new legal developments. To this end, our lawyers practice in a variety of legal areas, including:

• Trust Litigation
• Probates
• Financial Elder Abuse
• Conservatorships
• Appeals
• Civil Litigation

Developing a litigation approach you understand
We seek to develop a relationship of trust with our clients. Our clients are informed in advance of litigation decisions and are equipped the information they need to make the best decision they can on their investment in litigation. Contact one of our attorneys for a free consultation.